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Our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Sagen has grown to be Canada’s largest default private sector residential mortgage insurer, but what really makes us proud is that now, more than ever, we’re helping Canadians move into their first home, building strong and vibrant communities from coast to coast.

We feel a responsibility to not only do our part to create more homes and communities across Canada, but also to support charities and initiatives that help the Canadians in those homes and communities thrive.

Our approach has been consistent over the years. As a company we’re committed to supporting communities through four key pillars; supporting affordable homeownership, financial literacy, engaging our employees and civic responsibility.

Growing Communities

Our affordable homeownership pillar

Canadians owning their own home is what we strive for every day, and we support charities that succeed in making this a reality.

Habitat for Humanity Canada

Established in 1976, Habitat For Humanity Canada has worked tirelessly towards their stated goal ‘to build homes, communities and hope’. Since 2003, Sagen has been proud to support the building of new homes for families in need, raising $6.8 million for affordable housing in Canada, with over 600 employees investing almost 9,000 volunteer hours to this worthy cause.


In 2021, 212 families moved into their very own Habitat homes, including 484 children, 88 single parent led households and 22 Indigenous families.

Single parent led households
Indigenous families

Homebuilding Grants

Through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity Canada we’ve had the opportunity to provide financial support to regional Habitat affiliates who help empower families in communities across the country. We’ve assisted with 113 families being served by Habitat’s efforts, so far, with many more to come.

Grant recipients
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Meaning of Home Contest

Established by Sagen in 2007, the Meaning of Home helps raise funds and awareness each year for Habitat for Humanity Canada and families in need of affordable homeownership. Every year Canadian students from grades 4, 5 and 6 submit a poem or essay explaining what ‘home’ means to them. Thousands of students have participated over the years, in a fun and interactive way, to express themselves and build understanding of the importance of safe and affordable housing.

Student participants
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Teaching Communities

Our financial literacy pillar

Understanding one’s complete financial picture is a fundamental part of responsible homeownership. Sagen works with various organizations to bring financial literacy to students and underserved groups.

University of Waterloo

We continue to support and partner with the University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance to promote the bi-annual Financial Literacy Competition. Our contribution ensures the competition continues and is easily accessed by both students and teachers. Students, in grades 9-12, are invited to challenge their knowledge of personal finance, accounting, economics and income management.

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Breaking the cycle of poverty requires support, guidance and understanding. HomeSuiteHope’s Homeward Bound program in Halton region has been a catalyst for dozens of households to stabilize their living situations, as well as boast graduates who have obtained post-secondary diplomas. 34 families were served in 2021, with many more graduates to come. Sagen supported this program by sponsoring the HomeSuiteHope’s mission of improving the financial literacy of Canadian families so they can achieve their dreams of affordable homeownership.

Black Mentorship Inc.

Black Mentorship Inc. (BMI) is dedicated to empowering Black professionals in Canada. Sagen has worked alongside BMI to connect Black youths, professionals and entrepreneurs with industry experts to provide invaluable mentoring, education and skill-building programs to create a more equitable workforce for tomorrow.

Engaging Communities

Our employee engagement pillar

At Sagen we promote two core values with our team—We Have Heart and We Grow When You Grow. We pride ourselves on supporting our employees in their volunteer efforts in our communities through philanthropic contributions, funding drives and charitable boards. Our employees know their communities best and we are always happy to assist in any way we can.

At Sagen, we feel that our greatest contribution to the community is by remaining engaged and committed, year over year, to increasing financial literacy, not only as an organization but as individual contributors.”

— Stuart Levings, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sagen

Supporting Communities

Our civic responsibility pillar

Canada has many charitable organizations doing important work in communities across the nation. Sagen and our employees are driven to give back.

We’re proud at Sagen to have helped so many communities across this great country. In 2022, we…

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