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Sagen Products

Our products help lenders like you offer mortgage options to more Canadians than ever, from low-income families to new immigrants. Learn more about each product below.

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Investment Property Program

Provide qualified borrowers with the opportunity to purchase an additional investment property with as little as 20% down.

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Family Plan Program

Help customers buy a home for immediate family with good credit who do not meet standard GDSR/TDSR requirements.

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Vacation/Secondary Homes

Enable customers to purchase a second home at an affordable monthly payment with just 5% down.

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Self-Directed RRSP

Provide the insurance to allow self-directed RRSP/RRIF funds to be used for non-arm’s length mortgage investments.

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Borrowed Down Payment

Make it possible for borrowers who cannot save a required down payment to start building equity now.

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Second Mortgage Program

Provide borrowers with a Second Mortgage to be registered against their property up to 95% combined LTV on a purchase.

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Portability Feature

Help Sagen-insured borrowers to save on the costs of a new mortgage by “porting” their mortgage default insurance.

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Business for Self (Alt. A)

Secure mortgage insurance for self-employed borrowers without traditional income who manage their finances responsibly.

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Energy Efficient Housing Program

Reward home buyers purchasing energy-efficient homes or making energy saving renovations with significant savings.

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Progress Advance Program

Let residential home builders and individual home buyers take advantage of insured progress advances while their property is being built.

Purchase Plus Improvements Program

Help qualified home buyers roll home improvement costs into their mortgage with as little as 5% down.

First-Time Home Buyer Incentive (National Housing Strategy)

The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive helps people across Canada purchase their first home. The program offers 5 or 10% of the home’s purchase price to put toward a down payment. This addition to your down payment lowers your mortgage carrying costs, making homeownership more affordable.

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Our Services

We’re not just here to provide products that enable home ownership across Canada. We also offer services that enable qualified individuals to become—and stay—homeowners.

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Sagen’s Homeowner Assistance Program (HOAP) is dedicated to helping qualified homeowners weather short-term financial hardships without losing their homes.

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