Business for Self (Alt. A)

Enables self-employed borrowers who manage their finances responsibly to obtain mortgage insurance without traditional income.
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Help Self-Employed Borrowers Own The Home They’ve Worked Hard For

Many borrowers who are self-employed have good credit and are in control of their finances, but cannot provide traditional means of income verification. This product helps self-employed borrowers find their path to home ownership.

Premium Rate:

LTV Ratio Premium Rate Top-Up Premium
Up to 65% 1.50% 3.00%
65.01% - 75% 2.60% 6.50%
75.01% - 80% 3.30% 7.00%
80.01% - 85% 3.75% 7.50%
85.01% - 90% 5.85% 9.00%

Eligible Products

  • Progress Advance Program
  • Purchase Plus Improvement Program
  • Second Mortgage Program


  • Available up to 90% Loan-to-Value
  • Borrower is a Sole Proprietor, Partnership or Corporation with a proven 2-year history of managing both their credit and finances responsibly
  • The borrower is required to declare their annual income and annual business income, which should be reasonable based on their industry, length of operation, and type of business
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